AATCC Test Method 130-2010
Soil Release:  Oily Stain Release Method

Developed in 1969 by AATCC Committee RA56

1.  Purpose and Scope

1.1 This test method is designed to measure the ability of fabrics to release oily stains during home laundering.
1.2  This test method is primarily for use by fabric finishers to evaluate the likely performance of soil release finishes in actual use.  If this test method is used as part of a contract between buyer and seller, or in any case where comparisons between laboratories are being made, the parties should agree to use the same ballast and detergent.  In referee situations, or where standard specifications are involved, 1993 AATCC Standard Reference Detergent should be used.
1.3  The use of this test on garments is not precluded.

2.  Principle

2.1  A stain is applied to a test specimen.  An amount of the staining substance is forced into the fabric by using a specified weight.  The stained fabric is then laundered in a prescribed  manner and the residual stain rated on a scale from 5 to 1 by comparison with a stain release replica showing a graduated series of stains.

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