AATCC Evaluation Procedure 11-2008

Spectrophotometer UV Energy Calibration Procedure

for Optically Brightened Textiles

Developed in 2007 by AATCC Committee RA36

1. Scope
1.1 This evaluation procedure describes the use of the Textile UV Calibration Standard (TUVCS) for inter-instrument calibration of UV content in the light source of spectrophotometers for the purpose of measuring white or light to medium colored textiles that have been optically brightened with a fluorescent whitening agent. UV absorption properties of fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs) used for textiles differ from those of FWAs used for plastics or other non-textile materials, necessitating the use of a different reference standard than those typically used for these other materials. This procedure is based on a semi-annually replaced textile calibration standard that facilitates accurate UV content adjustment of the light source of spectrophotometers for use with textile materials independent of instrument geometry and the methodology used for adjusting the amount of UV energy in the instrument.

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